3 Powerful Ways to Shift Your Money Mindset (and feel empowered by your finances!)

What’s going on, my friend? Now, I know you read the title of this blog and might have scratched your head a little bit. “FEEL EMPOWERED BY MY MONEY?? YEAH, RIGHT!” Before you freak out and exit this page, I encourage you to stick with me and keep an open mind!  It IS possible to shift your current mindset around “money” from overwhelmed and frustrated, to empowered and inspired.

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1.     Treat money as a NEUTRAL RESOURCE.

 We are conditioned to have limiting beliefs around money, often starting from the ages of 0-7 (when our subconscious minds are critically being formed), such as:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Rich people are evil.”

“Hard work = success.”

“Just marry a rich man/woman!”

“You’re better off playing the lottery.”

 How many times have you heard these statements, either from your parents, siblings, closest friends or colleagues? All we know is all we know. But get this…


All it is, is energy.  All it is are pieces of green paper or coins with faces on them.

You, me, this blog post, the screen you’re reading this from, your car, your house, food… ALL JUST ENERGY.

Give it meaning by treating it with respect.

Give it meaning by paying attention to where it’s going.

Give it meaning by not neglecting it.

Give it meaning by taking responsibility for it.

Give it meaning by creating a nurturing relationship with it.

If you treat it well, it will also treat you well.

2.     Start attracting money straight TO YOU.

Just as we have grown to believe that money is hard and rich people are greedy, we are also led to believe that we can only make money through one source: our job.  Money has the ability to “flow to you,” versus “working hard to make it” through your job. Remember, money is not hard.

The truth is, money is not only an unlimited resource, but it is also an abundant resource - there is money flowing everywhere around us, at any given time and place!

Have you ever randomly received a discount on a product or service?

Have you ever found that unexpected amount of money while tidying up your home?

Have you ever been gifted something, with a hefty price tag attached?

Chances are, you are already attracting money to you without even knowing it. And that is amazing! But here are two ways you can speed up the process:

First, be intentional with a specific amount.  MONEY LOVES CLARITY!

“I intend to manifest $1,000 in 30 days.” Imagine what can happen when you’re actually intentional with your desires now.

I remember the first time I asked to manifest $1,000 in 30 days, using specific prompts and journaling exercises.  I had no idea how or what this would look like, but about two months later, my parents sat me and my sister down and told us that they’d be gifting each of us $1,000 to spend on a family trip to the Wisconsin Dells in summer ’18!

Second, THANK your money, constantly.

The more we show gratitude for, the more we see in our lives. It’s just law. Don’t fight it.

Would you expect your spouse and yourself to have a meaningful and respectful relationship if you only loved it when you had it? But hated it when it wasn’t around? I DON’T THINK SO! Treat your money as any other meaningful relationship in your life.  Respect it, thank it, and it will in turn respect YOU and thank you.

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3.     Don’t dwell on your debt.


If only we could be debt-free, right?!

Debt actually isn’t the devil.  It’s all about our belief system, remember? Debt gives us the most personal glimpse into our belief systems, and our own self- worth.

What’s the one thing you can do to feel more empowered by your debts NOW?

Quit using the words “DEBT” and “BROKE”. 

Your words and thoughts determine your reality, my friend. So you must be extra careful about what you are telling your subconscious mind is true.  If you are always telling yourself you’re broke, can’t afford things, you’ll never make money, your subconscious actually LOOKS for ways to make this true. So, changing your words = changing your story to one of financial success.

These are some actionable ways you can start feeling EMPOWERED by your money.

If you can start putting these into practice, you will start to see just how much power there is into shifting your belief system around money. I believe in you!

Author: Kellie Drewelow, RP Marketing Committee